The PrayTimer Program

The PrayTimer program is a C program developed by Dr. Kamal Abdali under Unix. It is the basis for prayer schedules published by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). It is commercially available for Windows under the name Minaret.

The author states in the header of the main file that you can copy or distribute the source code of this program at no cost. It is not to be sold. You must also keep the copyright notice at the beginning of the C program at all times.

The PrayTimer program calculates prayer times for an entire Gregorian year at a specified geographic location. The links below are the source code you can use to compile the program. A Unix manual is also included. If you modify the program, please keep the copyright notice at the beginning of the C source code.

PrayTimer C source code
PrayTimer header file
PrayTimer Unix manual

If you have questions about the PrayTimer program, please send them to our address below. May God accept this work from the author and turn it into a "knowledge that benefits."

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