The Mawarith Program

The Mawarith program is a Windows program developed by Siraj Eruvadi.

The author has communicated to me that he wants this program to be a free Islamic software which people can copy and distribute at no cost. It is not to be sold. Thank you, brother Siraj.

The Mawarith program prompts the user with questions about heirs and then displays the percentage shares of each heir of the estate. Two languages are currently supported in the Mawarith program: Arabic and English. It has been tested under Windows XP with 80GB HD and 512KB RAM memory.

The author distributes the program as a Windows CAB file. The CAB archive contains an installer and a readme file with further help on installation. You will need to unpack the archive first. There are many ways to unpack a CAB file, such as WinRAR.

Downlaod the Mawarith program: Mawarith.CAB

If you have any questions, or bug reports, about the Mawarith program, please send them to the author whose address is below. May God accept this work from the author and turn it into a "knowledge that benefits."

Author's contact: Siraj Eruvadi

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