An Inheritance Calculator A determinate share. Quran 4:7 Ordained by God. Quran 4:11


© 2020, License: CC-BY-NC-ND. This calculator implements the inheritance rules set in the Quran and the authentic hadith only. It is meant for those who prefer not to follow any one religious sect or juristic school. If you follow a juristic school or prefer to do so, then you may find the IRTH program more useful to you.
Heirs Number Heirs Number Heirs Number
Sons Brothers Sons of sons
Daughters Sisters Daughters of sons
Father Father of father (or higher) Next closest male relative
Mother Grandmothers Bequest (Rational fraction <= 1/3)
Husband Wife Islamic Treasury  

Undersubscription preference:

When the sum of all distributed shares is less than the entire estate, how do you prefer to distribute the remainder?

Divide the remainder between the named heirs by the ratios of their named shares
Include spouses in the dividing of the remainder
Give the remainder to the Islamic treasury

May God accept this work and turn it into a "knowledge that benefits."