Ordained by God. (Quran 4:11) A determinate share. (Quran 4:7)



Islamic Inheritance

Heirs Number Share
Full brothers  
Full sisters  
Maternal half-siblings  
Heirs Number Share
Sons of sons  
Daughters of sons  
Father^ of father  
Mother^ of father  Junior  
Full brothers of the father  
Paternal half-brothers of father  
Paternal half-brothers  
Paternal half-sisters  
Other relatives  
Heirs Number Share
Sons of full brothers  
Sons of paternal half-brothers  
Mother^ of mother  Junior  
Sons of full brothers of the father  
Sons of paternal half-brothers of father  
Bequest (rational fraction<=1/3)
Islamic treasury    


Juristic school:

Juristic schools may have different opinions about how to divide up an estate. Select the juristic school you follow or prefer to follow. If you do not follow any particular juristic school, you may select 'No preference.' The default is the juristic school of Abu-Haneefa.

Undersubscription preference:

When the sum of distributed shares is less than the estate, how do you prefer to distribute the remainder?

Divide it between the named heirs by the ratios to each other of their named shares (Consensus)
Include spouses in the dividing (Uthman)
Give it to the Islamic treasury (Maliki)
Oversubscription preference:

When the sum of distributed shares is more than the estate, how do you prefer to reset the shares?

Redivide all shares by their ratios to each other (Consensus)
Reduce the share of the farthest female heir (Zahiri/Jaafari)
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