The Salat Program - Micro Edition

The Salat program is a Java ME program developed by Sohaib Syed.

The author has communicated to me that he wants this program to be a free Islamic software which people can copy and distribute at no cost. It is not to be sold. Thank you, brother Sohaib.

The Salat program builds on the open source Compass program, to which the author has added a few features. The modified Compass program can be downloaded from here. To use the Salat program, the user enters their location by choosing their closest city from a list provided. Times for Fajr and Isha are fixed at 90 minutes before sunrise and 90 minutes after sunset, as this is the convention used in the author's city of Calgary, Canada.

The author distributes the program as a zip archive. The zip archive contains the Jar and Jad files you need to download to your Java-enabled micro device, as well as a PDF file with screenshots. It also contains all the source code. You will need to unpack the archive first, using, for instance WinRAR or WinZip.

Downlaod the Salat program:

If you have any questions, or bug reports, about the Salat program or the modified Compass program, please send them to the author whose address is below. May God accept this work from the author and turn it into a "knowledge that benefits."

Author's contact: Sohaib Syed.

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