The At-Tashil Program

The At-Tashil program is a Windows program developed by Ahmad Ruswandi.

The author has communicated to me that he wants this program to be a free Islamic software which people can copy and distribute at no cost. It is not to be sold. Thank you, brother Ahmad.

The At-Tashil program presents a graph of eligible heir categories. The user is to click on each eligible heir category then enter the number of heirs in each category in a separate field. The results are shown on the graph as well as in the Table tab. Two languages are currently supported in the AT-Tashil program: Indonesian and English. It has been tested under Windows XP with 80GB HD and 512KB RAM memory.

This software consists of 3 modules: the Heirs Chart, Details, and Inheritance Law. The Heirs Chart module is used to enter the heirs and the number of each. The results can be seen in the details module. In the Inheritance Law module you can see the laws of inheritance mentioned in the Qur'an, Chapter 4, verses 11, 12 and 176.

At-Tashil allows you to know every detail of the calculation of the estate, as it teaches you how to calculate it. You can also easily perform the calculation of inheritance for several different scenarios.

Downlaod the At-Tashil program from this page.

If you have any questions, or bug reports, about the At-Tashil program, please send them to the author whose address is below. May God accept this work from the author and turn it into a "knowledge that benefits."

Author's contact: Ahmad Ruswandi

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